Oral Presentations

The Network: TUFH and UGM are proud to present the Oral Presentations for the VIRTUAL TUFH 2021

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Abstract Title Presenting Author Country Abstract n°
Medical Education and E-learning: Knowledge, Attitudes, Practices, and Barriers Among Medicine and Nursing Students at Makerere University, Uganda. Ronald Olum Uganda TUFH535
Step-by-Step Guide to Create Competency-Based Assignments as an Alternative for Traditional Summative Assessment Samar Ahmed Egypt TUFH540
Toolbox for Evaluating Online Learning Experiences Samar Ahmed Egypt TUFH541
COVID-19 prevention education and awareness through community outreach: the role of primary care workforce Stephen Engmann Ghana TUFH544 
Flipped histology labs using virtual microscopy. Gehan Khalaf Egypt TUFH545 
Assessment of Key Feature Problems (KFPs) for postgraduate Medical Students: Validation threats and opportunities Manal Said Egypt TUFH547 
Strategy for Promotion of mental health in the elderly adult during the COVID-19 pandemic Lina Avella Pérez Colombia TUFH548 
Initiating “Healthy Batik Village”/ “Desa Batik Sehat” to empower Batik Workers through Collaborative Health, Environmental and Social Interventions  Sri Awalia Febriana Indonesia TUFH549
Students as a core in the scientific research process (learning and sharing the skills) Ahmad Sabry Egypt TUFH551
Primary Health Care Rural Program in Sudan: Impact on Medical Students and the Community. Amer Rababah Sudan TUFH552
Innovative Ways for Community Mobilization and Engagement of Stakeholders to fight COVID 19 pandemic in Kenya David Njeru Kenya TUFH553 
Model for balancing between medical and social life using (PACT)TM a cross sectional study. Kirellos Atef Zaki Abboud Egypt TUFH554 
E-Service Learning: Authentic, Experiential Elective For Medical Interns at the St. Luke’s Medical Center College of Medicine Athena Bernadette De Padua-Tan Philippines TUFH557 
Initial Reactions and meaning of Experiences of Men Following Heterosexual Intimate Partners Disclosure of HIV Seropositive Status: A Qualitative Study Felix Apiribu Ghana TUFH558 
Change in attitudes and perceptions of undergraduate health profession students towards inter-professional education following an educational experience in post natal care Amita Ray India TUFH559 
Knowledge and Awareness of Glaucoma and associated Risk Factors in a selected Urban Community of Bangladesh Dr Md Shahariar Islam Bangladesh TUFH560 
Perception and practice of self-medication with antibiotics among medical students in Sudanese universities: a cross-sectional study. Osman Elmahi Sudan TUFH562
Work preferences of medical students in Primary Healthcare setup: an urban-rural health paradigm Eshwar Rajesh India TUFH565 
The case of including Kyrgyzstani medical HEIs into the black list of Pakistani Medical Council: reasons of the situation Ainazik Omurzakova Kyrgyzstan TUFH567
Exploring Community Compensation in Community-University Partnerships: What does “reciprocity” really mean? Karen Cook Canada TUFH568 
Characteristics of Canadian physicians and their associations with practice patterns Ariana Mihan Canada TUFH569 
Virtual Student Training opportunities on Emerging Health Issues Hana Hinkle United States TUFH570 
Understanding the impact of our strength-based approach to care Jonny Grek Canada TUFH571 
The status of Community awareness regarding Anti-Malarial medications against COVID-19 in Sudan. Amer Rababah Sudan TUFH575 
Can Change Begin with a RIPLE: Relational InterProfessional Longitudinal Education Tara Singh United States TUFH577 
Volunteerism during the COVID-19 pandemic Steve Reid South Africa TUFH578
Increasing the exercise routine among elderly population with Type 2 Diabetes through a locally designed tele-exercise program Mashu Sakamaki Japan TUFH579 
The impact of global placements: perspectives and experiences of communities Robyn Preston Australia TUFH580 
Community health watch group and COVID-19 vaccines Lizzy Igbine Nigeria. TUFH583 
Strengthening Primary Care for People with Intellectual Disability through Elevating the Role of Nurses and Nurse Practitioners in an Interdisciplinary Team Tine Hansen-Turton United States TUFH584 
What are the drivers of social accountability among medical school alumni? A case study of Christian Medical College, Vellore, India Harini Aiyer Canada TUFH585 
Participants perceptions on a two-day workshop to train trainers to teach empathy in schools Rasnayaka Mudiyanse Sri Lanka TUFH586  
Learning from Rural Doctors to Develop Students’ Resilience Nicholas Handoyo Indonesia TUFH587 
Attitudes and Perceptions of Medical Students towards Health Care and Health Policy in India Mary Mathew India TUFH589 
Diabetes related knowledge, skills and training required by Community Healthcare Workers to contribute to interprofessional learning of health sciences students: a qualitative study Annemarie Joubert South Africa TUFH590 
Use of social media to improve health literacy and self efficacy among breast cancer patients Anita Chatterjee Ireland TUFH591 
The importance of using routine data for program evaluation: assessment of the nutritional status of pregnant women in primary care clinics in rural Chiapas, Mexico Hellen Mata González Mexico TUFH592 
Providing sustainable access to healthcare in Myanmar’s conflict-affected areas through the strategic purchasing during COVID-19 Pandemic: Lesson learned from pilot projects Zarni Lynn Kyaw Myanmar TUFH593 
Diabetes related knowledge, skills and training required by Community Healthcare Workers to contribute to interprofessional learning of health sciences students: a qualitative study Marianne Reid South Africa TUFH594 
Sustainable access to healthcare in conflict-affected areas of Myanmar after the military insurrection : Health as a bridge for peace Zarni Lynn Kyaw Myanmar TUFH595 
An evaluation of osteoarthritis rehabilitative practices within a South African multidisciplinary rehabilitation setting Robynne Gilchrist South Africa TUFH596
Designing and Accreditation of Curriculum of MSc Public Health at the University of Limerick, Ireland Sonika Raj Goel Ireland TUFH598 
Working climate in primary health care: systemazing the evidence Mara Lisiane Moraes Dos Santos Brazil TUFH599 
Working climate and interprofessional collaboration in the family health strategy in a brazillian capital Mara Lisiane Moraes Dos Santos Brazil TUFH600 
The Hospital of Hope: staff experiences of a COVID-19 field hospital Mitan Nana South Africa TUFH601 
A Tailor-Made Training on Social Innovation for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in the Philippines Jana Deborah Mier-Alpaño Philippines TUFH602 
Imagine the World Anew: A Call for Youth Voices on the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Philippines Jana Deborah Mier-Alpaño Philippines TUFH603 
Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice- A necessity to deliver effective health and social care. Firdouza Waggie South Africa TUFH605 
Integrated Clinical Learning: Team Teaching and Learning in Primary Care Roger Strasser Canada TUFH606
Dealing with aggressive parents; Teaching empathy to school teachers by a simulated scenario Amila Jayasinghe Sri Lanka TUFH608
Can pharmacy students contribute to TB case detection in high burden areas? Renier Coetzee South Africa TUFH609
The SAFE for HI Evaluation Tool – A Study Series of the SAFE for HI Project Alex Anawati Canada TUFH614 
The SAFE for HI Evaluation Tool Peer Review Process – A Study Series of the SAFE for HI Project Alex Anawati Canada TUFH615 
Developmental Evaluation of the SAFE for HI Evaluation Tool, Peer Review Process and Pilot – A Study Series of the SAFE for HI Project Alex Anawati Canada TUFH616 
Piloting the SAFE for HI Evaluation Tool and Peer Review Process in an Emergency Department – A Study Series of the SAFE for HI Project Alex Anawati Canada TUFH617 
Aedes aegypti, inequity and COVID-19, a new paradigm. Guadalupe Ponciano-Rodriguez  Mexico TUFH618
Educating the next generation of health professionals toward patient-centered, context-sensitive care in rural Chiapas, Mexico Jimena Maza Mexico TUFH619
Community-based medical education; perspective of students, faculties and stakeholders Elhadi Ibrahim Miskeen Sudan TUFH620
Kahnowiilyaa (Everyone) Jonny Grek Canada TUFH621
Sustaining the Community-based Medical Education: Learning from University of Ilorin Administrative Process Oladimeji Bolarinwa Nigeria TUFH622
Knowledge ,Attitude and practice Towards Typhoid Fever And awareness about prevention of Typhoid As A part of rural residency and training in rural hospital program , ALFAO , GEZIRA, SUDAN , 2020 Afra Fadlelmula Sudan TUFH623 
COVID 2 Home: Developing an intersectoral community response to needs arising from a global pandemic. Danielle Fitzsimmons-Pattison USA TUFH624
¿What does it mean to be a general practitioner?: phenomenographic study on the different ways of relating to the first working year of a group of general practitioners in Cartagena D.T. and municipal head of periurban areas. Katia Márquez Colombia TUFH625 
Menstrual Hygiene Management among Adolescent School Girls in Taraba State, Nigeria Esther Umahi Nigeria TUFH628 
Best practices of a Safe Primary Health Center during the COVID pandemic Maria Grebe Argentina TUFH629 
Application of work place based assessment for family medicine postgraduate students. Safa Alkalash Egypt TUFH630 
The new normal in a rural small town in Brazil: a students’ experience Marcela Araújo de Oliveira Santana Brazil TUFH631 
AFRI-VIPE Mary Showstark United States TUFH633 
The students’ experience with mental health during COVID-19 pandemic in a rural town in Brazil Marcela Araújo de Oliveira Santana Brazil TUFH634 
Learning experiences in community health of Colombian medical students Claudia Liliana Jaimes Penuela Colombia TUFH635 
Social support networks as a strategy to cope with morbidity in high-risk pregnant women. Andrés Ocampo Colombia TUFH636
Innovative method to identify and control people with type 2 diabetes in Sacaba, Bolivia. Christine Leyns Bolivia TUFH637
Interactive Interprofessional Education and Practice Online? It can be done! Daubney Boland United States TUFH638
Interprofessional Education: the building blocks for team-based care Daubney Boland United States TUFH639
Preventive Stomatological Effectiveness towards the Pandemic that stopped the world: SARS – COV 2 Rosa María Bulnes López  Mexico TUFH641
Community health needs assessment in Ainamoi Sub-County, Kericho County Abigail Ng’etich Kenya TUFH643
Implementing Community-Based Strategy to Promote CHW´s Integration into the COVID-19 Response. Laura Carmen Martinez Turrubiartes Mexico TUFH644
Perception, Attitude and Practice Toward Community Research Among Medical Students in Hadhramout University, Yemen Abdulla Bin-Ghouth Yemen TUFH646
Prospect of Integrating Cardiovascular Prevention Programme to Primary Health Care in Nigeria: A Unilorin CVD Team Concept to explore Universality Oladimeji Bolarinwa Nigeria TUFH648
Distributed clinical learning through service – an ideal response to COVID-19? Ian Couper South Africa TUFH649
EAS (Edukasi dan Aksi Sosial) as an Alternative ‘Learning Medicine’ and Social Innovative Movement in Indonesia  Erlin Erlina Indonesia TUFH650
Experiential Learning of Social Responsibility – Case study from D A Pandu Memorial R V Dental college, Bengaluru, India Jyotsna S India TUFH652
Public Health Midwives’ Advocacy on Parenting and Mothers’ Parenting Style in Central Province of Sri Lanka Ramya Ekanayaka Sri Lanka TUFH653
Cough Sound Analysis to Screen and Diagnose COVID-19 Siddhi Hegde India TUFH655
The Marginal cost of Health care and services Akram Mohamed Saudi Arabia TUFH656
Rural Seeds: sowing rural health Marcela Araújo de Oliveira Santana Brazil TUFH657
Medical Nutrition Education – A Community Centred Approach to Nutritional Training for Undergraduate Medical Students Sanjana Taneja India TUFH658
Dietary trends among students in higher education and the influences of COVID-19 confinement 2019-2020 Asgad Ahmed Ireland TUFH659
Rural Community-Based Education: Why Not Requiring Every Group of Students a Special Group Project or Research Assists the Community towards its Very Own Empowerment Anthony Cordero Philippines TUFH660
Participatory Approaches by a University in a Community-University Partnership Program Anthony Cordero Philippines TUFH661
The Current Cannabis and Alcohol Realities in the Western Cape and the influence on organisations and interventions during Covid-19 lockdown. Pearl September-Brown South Africa TUFH662
Health workers perception on implementation of interprofessional collaboration on antenatal care in Puskemas Andalas Nadyatul Husna Indonesia TUFH663
Empowering Local Community for Tackling Stunting Problem in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara Indonesia Supriyati Supriyati Indonesia TUFH664
Students of High Academic Level (PAEA) of the 2010 study plan,faculty of medecine, UNAM Aurora Farfán Márquez Mexico TUFH665
Empowerment and obesity in medicine students, faculty of medecine, UNAM Aurora Farfán Márquez Mexico TUFH666
Collaborate to Fight COVID-19 (COFIGHT): Proactive Telemonitoring Approach to Improve the Self-Quarantine Procedure and Surveillance System Quality in Primary Health Care Hanggoro Tri Rinonce Indonesia TUFH667
Who serve the rural and remote areas in Maluku Islands of Indonesia? Farah Noya Australia TUFH668
Healthcare workers’ perspectives on Multi-Sectoral Collaborative approach in preparedness for comminicable diseases outbreaks at kericho country referral hospital Kenya Abigail Ng’etich Kenya TUFH669
Community health workers as a strategy to tackle psychosocial suffering due to physical distancing: a randomized controlled trial. Dorien Vanden Bossche Belgium TUFH670
Advancing the assessment of interns competencies in South Africa Jennie Morgan South Africa TUFH671
Far from Home – the hidden curriculum for education and medical students of rural background at an urban University in South Africa Bernhard Gaede South Africa TUFH672
Introducing Learning Management System for dental students – Challenges faced Deepti Vadavi India TUFH673
Innovative methods to learn and teach to medical students: Experience sharing interaction with Three “A”-ASHA, AWW, ANM  Manish Taywade India TUFH675
Role of medical students on raising the awareness of their communities regarding general health education. Ahmed Khalid Sudan TUFH676
Innovative approaches to reducing diarrhoeal diseases among children under 5: a student-led rural project in Southwestern Uganda. David Okiror Uganda TUFH677
Screening survey of pediatric visual impairment; awareness of prevalence and management conducted by medical students. Rania Gamal Eldin Zaki Egypt TUFH678
knowledge attitudes and practice KAP of hand washing hygiene and there role in infection control , Gezira state, Sudan, 2018 Mazin Mohammed Mahmoud Osman Sudan TUFH679
Experience on the adaptation to the new normality of the teaching-learning process on the Faculty of Medicine of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) Lindsay Ariadna Concha Mora Mexico TUFH680
The impact of COVID 19 pandemic and Economic status on diabetes care in Sudan, 2020 Mazin Mohammed Mahmoud Osman Sudan TUFH681
Community Based Education and Services (COBES) removes silos and promotes collaborative practice training at the College of Health Sciences, Moi University. Joice Baliddawa Kenya TUFH682
Health Promotion: How is it perceived by professors of four Mexican medical training programs? Dora Cardaci Mexico TUFH683
The role of Clinical Pastoral Care in the development and implementation of support networks for Health Care workers during a pandemic. Damaris Kiewiets South Africa TUFH684
Community participation and risk for depressive symptoms in rural areas Dana Jungbauer United States TUFH685
Implementation of strategic interventions to remediate the studying skills of undergraduate medical students Amal Elshimy Egypt TUFH688
Models of continuing professional development for Ugandan primary care doctors during the COVID 19  pandemic Jane Frances Namatovu Uganda TUFH689 
Evaluation of Impact of virtual Online health education on Scaling up and strengthening the public awareness of Primary Health Care: The experience during COVID-19 in Sudan Mahmoud Saleh Sudan TUFH690 
Assessment of sexual reproductive health rights, needs, attitudes, beliefs and practices among staff and students at Mbarara University of Science and Technology Mariam I Iculet Arikosi Uganda TUFH692 
Social accountability guide for community engagement initiatives Bernadine Jugdutt Canada TUFH696 
“resident as a teacher”: our experience in the implementation of a virtual seminar to strengthen the teaching role in medical residents in a Colombian university Adriana Rincon  Colombia TUFH697 
A Platform for the People: Using custom webpages to establish global representation of the AMTC workforce Marian Simmons United States TUFH700
Evaluating a teamwork learning tool for undergraduate health professional students in a transforming curriculum: An action research project at a South African university. Adibah Hendricks South Africa TUFH701 
How to implement meaningful educational change through international collaboration Marie Meckel United States TUFH703 
International collaboration to create a dermatology program for primary care AMTC providers Marie Meckel United States/ Uganda TUFH704 
The use of digital media to raise awareness around the homeless community: our experience with a homeless shelter in Bogota, Colombia Adriana Rincon  Colombia TUFH705 
Anemia during pregnancy, preventable persisting disorder globally Shakuntala Chhabra India TUFH706 
Awareness Of Sudanese People Regarding Malaria Prevention And It’s Complications ,Alsharafa Albahar Rural Area ,Gazira State,Sudan,2018. Durar Amin Abdelbagi Musa Sudan TUFH708 
The UWI Mona Community Health Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship: How to create strong primary health care focused physicians Omarr Edwards Jamaica TUFH709 
What do GP Supervisors want to teach Constance Pond Australia TUFH710 
Expanding Health Finance Modalities to Safeguard Access to Primary Healthcare Toni-Ann Mundle Jamaica TUFH712 
Using the Public Narrative Framework for health promotion within a Colombian university Claudia Liliana Jaimes Penuela Colombia TUFH713 
Impact of COVID-19 on maternal health in Africa: a critical review Ephraim Kumi Senkyire  Ghana TUFH716 
Battling the Pandemic: How ‘Fever Clinics’ in India helped control the spread of COVID-19  Shruthi Ravishankar India TUFH717 
Technology to Combat COVID- How India’s Aarogya Setu App ticked many boxes to help beat the virus  Shruthi Ravishankar India TUFH718 
Antimalarial self-medication among adults during the COVID-19 national lockdown in northern Uganda: implications for antimicrobial resistance Philemon Ojok Eger Uganda TUFH719
SARS-CoV-2 lock down at the Mbarara University of Science and Technology: Fears and coping strategies for health science students and their educators Josephine Najjuma Uganda TUFH720 
The role of medical students in fighting wrong beliefs in society (Sudan example) Walaa Madani Sudan TUFH721 
When the spirit struggles: Religious coping and mental health outcomes in after the 2013 Super Typhoon Haiyan Charlie Labarda Philippines TUFH722 
Using continuous and integrated feedback model in a community-based midwifery clinical education: a mix methods study Esti Nugraheny Indonesia TUFH723 
Evaluation of the use of a physical activity program with exergames in the quality of life of people with low vision of the state of Amapá – region of the legal Amazon Ana Camila Cavalcante Sales Brazil TUFH730 
Psychological and domestic stress among Egyptians by gender during COVID lockdown period Amany Refaat Egypt TUFH732 
Impacts of social accountability: development of a framework for Northern Ontario communities, health professional education, research, and health services Brianne Wood Canada TUFH733 
Families: core of change management – Life stories of growth and transformation. Bogotá, Colombia. María Carolina López Mateus Colombia TUFH741 
Effectiveness of an online educational module on oral cancer in improving knowledge and awareness among nursing students during COVID-19 pandemic Pooja Balurkar  India TUFH742 
Scoping review on exploring the available online platforms and understand their strategies for addressing health-related cancer misinformation in Adults. Hind Mohamed Ireland TUFH744 
Attitudinal difference of doctors and midwives towards interprofessional collaborative practice in maternal services (A Study at Sultan Agung Islamic Hospital and Its Reference Network) Kemal Fathur Indonesia TUFH746 
SatuJantung Android Application and Guide Video for Heart Attack Case Management in Community Beta Ahlam Gizela Indonesia TUFH748 
International PBL and how it can transform education Marie Meckel SA/CA/USA/Kenya TUFH749 
Improving Mental Health of Mothers with Autistic Children: The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic in Bina Anggita Bantul School Siti Nashria Rusdhy Indonesia TUFH750
Managing Women’s Depression as the Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic in Kuwang Shelter, Cangkringan Winengku Adi Indonesia TUFH751 
Fostering continuity of learning for health professional students during covid 19: an evaluation of Open Distance and eLearning at Clarke International University Florence Githinji Uganda TUFH753 
Adapting face-to-face activities to an online environment during the Covid pandemic Noel Juban Philippines TUFH754 
Exploration of Adolescent Health Indicators in Five Humanitarian Countries Aisha Shalash Ireland/Occupied Palestinian Territories TUFH756 
An Hypothesis of Changing Undergraduate Medical Education Curriculum In India Addressing the Health Out Comes of Formerly In Incarcerated People in India Priyanka Chahal India TUFH757 
Mapping the content of Social determines Health (SDOH) in the medical school curriculum, a scoping review. Nehal Nour Ireland TUFH758 
Adoption of Open Distance and E-learning (ODeL) Among Health Professional Trainees in the context of COVID 19 in Uganda Alimah Komuhangi Uganda TUFH759 
Factors Associated with Uptake of Prostate Cancer Screening Among Men Aged 40 Years and Above Within Kazo Town Council, Kazo District Uganda Smart Mwebembezi Uganda TUFH761 
Airport Primary Health Care: Is it Important? Ahmed Hassan Saudi Arabia TUFH762 
Strengthening Social Accountability in Primary Care through student-led initiatives Tomáš Petras Denmark TUFH763 
Comparison of Colorectal Cancer Education and Screening with APCS for Rural Area in Yogyakarta Paper Based and Application in COVID-19 Pandemic Era as FKKMK UGM Community Services Program Ahmad Shafa Hanif Indonesia TUFH764
Medical Ethics in Students Mobilities Yazan Demaidi Palestine TUFH765 
Telehealth: A Bridge Over Health System Gap Between Primary Health Care and Remote COVID-19 Patient Monitoring in Indonesia Vickry Adzkary Ghufron Indonesia TUFH766   
The creation of an interprofessional clinic to address chronic disease patients that are lost to follow up Marie Meckel United States TUFH767
Universal Health Coverage and IFMSA Professional Exchanges Yazan Demaidi Palestine TUFH768 
Body-Presence experience in the Health Professional Education Process Isabella Silva De Almeida Brazil TUFH769 
Interprofessional collaboration practice on integrated antenatal care services. An Indonesian case Suryani Yuliyanti Indonesia TUFH771 
From Interprofessional Education to Collaborative Practice: Students’ Role Rannia Shehrish Bangladesh TUFH772 
Meaningful Student Engagement in Accreditation and Quality Assurance: A students’ guide Mădălina Elena Mandache Romania TUFH773 
Critical Analysis of Maternity services of rural tertiary care centre in COVID 19 pandemic Surekha Tayade India TUFH778 
Virtual learning in general surgery for undergraduate medical students: Current strategies and adaptation for the COVID-19 pandemic Harshal Tayade India TUFH780 
Peer-led Global Health Education Adham Sleem Egypt TUFH782 
Scoping Review of Educational Research on Formative Assessment among Medical Undergraduates Sheeba Kunjukrishnan Retnabai United Arab Emirates TUFH784 
Student-Led Climate Change and Health Education in the Americas: a Regional Mobilization Yousra-Imane Benaskeur Canada TUFH785 
Delivering an interprofessional curriculum to improve the quality of HIV care in sub-Saharan Africa. Elsie Kiguli-Malwadde Uganda TUFH786 
Addressing Systemic Discrimination: Students Perceptions in the Americas Yousra-Imane Benaskeur Canada TUFH787 
Investing in tomorrow’s health workforce- Academic competencies in IFMSA Professional Exchanges Yazan Demaidi Palestine TUFH788 
Global Health Framework for International Medical Student Exchanges Marcela Penaloza Colombia TUFH789
Awareness among women following up in Ain Shams University El-Demerdash teaching hospital about dangerous signs and complications of pregnancy and puerperium. Kirellos Atef Zaki Abboud Egypt TUFH790 
Innovative approaches to promote UHC actions among medical students Mohammed SaifAldeen Abdelrahman Sudan TUFH791 
The relevance of an integral program to promote healthy lifestyle habits as a primary care strategy against obesity and sedentary lifestyle: Literature review Laura Alvarado Colombia TUFH792 
Using a social accountability approach to promote high quality learning through inter-professional student outreach Tomlin Paul Jamaica TUFH795 
Challenging Culture Transformation within a Faculty of Medicine towards Social Accountability through explicit strategies in Global Health teams capacity Jacques E. Girard Canada TUFH796 
Is inter-professional education able to understand, explore and address structural determinants and sustainable development goals? Marjan Bruin-Maxwell Jamaica TUFH798 
The Role of SNO Sudan Medical Education Committee in raising awareness of Medical and Health allied students in involvement and engagement in Medical Education Abdulrahman Awadullah Sudan TUFH799 
JAMSA engaging health professions students in primary health care interprofessional education, collaboration, and practice Cianna Lunan Jamaica TUFH800 
Knowledge and perceptions about COVID-19 in Colombia. Online survey in general population. Sara Pérez Colombia TUFH803 
Partnerships for promoting standards Medical Education in Uganda Sarah Kiguli Uganda TUFH804 
Incorporating One Health in the Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST) Community-Based Education Programming: Issues and Experiences Dr. Gad Ruzaaza Ndaruhutse Uganda TUFH805 
Understanding health and life needs of market sellers in Sacaba, Bolivia during the COVID-19 pandemic. Christine Leyns Bolivia TUFH807 
Socially accountable clinical education at a Primary Health Care level as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa Jana Muller South Africa TUFH808 
Role of Research Education Offered by Medical Student Associations in linking Students to community Based Practice, University of Gezira, Sudan Hiba Mahgoub Sudan TUFH809 
The impact of MedSIN GMSA SCOME in raising medical education awareness among medical students, University of Gezira Faculty of Medicine, 2018 Abdulrahman Awadullah Sudan TUFH810 
Strengthening Inter-Professional Collaboration Through Community Health Program of The Community and Family Health Care Setyo Utami Wisnusanti Indonesia TUFH811 
Improvement of Students’ knowledge and readiness after a short course of IPE in Geriatric care Ide Pustaka Setiawan Indonesia TUFH813 
Compassion, counselling and collaboration – supporting individuals and families affected by COVID-19 in Cape Town, South Africa Pat Mayers South Africa TUFH814  
A MeSAGE for student-driven, shareable medical curriculum Evangelos Papageorgiou USA TUFH815 
Community workshops through assisted remote education, Bogotá, Colombia. Karol Andrea Guzmã N Castillo Colombia TUFH816 
Counseling Program for teenagers. Space for dialogue and listening. Psychosocial counseling addressed to youth community in Suba, Bogotá, Colombia. Andres Felipe Avila Colombia TUFH817 
Community medicine clerkship during pandemic Covid-19: a case study from Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Islam Negeri Syarif Hidayatullah Dwi Tyastuti Indonesia TUFH818 
How was the implementation of community medicine clerkship amidst COVID-19 pandemic?: Medical students’ perception, a mixed-method research  Dwi Tyastuti Indonesia TUFH819
Towards Pre-Med Behavioural and Social Sciences Education Sivan Saraswathy India TUFH820 
Efforts to Adopt Social Accountability in Medical Schools in the Eastern Mediterranean Region: A Scoping Review Mohamed Elhassan Abdalla Ireland TUFH821 
Building a bridge while walking on it: developing an interprofessional care network over a ten year period Marloes Van Bokhoven The Netherlands TUFH822 
Building engagement in the community during the COVID-19 pandemic in Sleman: What can be done? Vena Jaladara Indonesia TUFH824 
Interprofessional Collaboration in Providing Virtual Maternity Class at Puskesmas Tegalrejo: Challenges and Opportunities Eta Auria Latiefa Indonesia TUFH825 
Education for health: The impact of low-dose high-frequency health education sessions in raising the awareness of pregnant women towards essential health education during pregnancy, experience from rural area in Saudi Arabia Reyam Ahmed Saudi Arabia TUFH826 
Community-based Education in undergraduate medical curriculum: lessons from a new integrated curriculum Mariano Granero Argentina TUFH827 
Peer-led Research Methodology Course for First-year Medical Students using Distance Learning: Effectiveness and Applicability Rayan Ibrahim Hamid Mohamed Sudan TUFH828 
Role of medical students in community orianted primary care in Sudan 2021 Safaa Adlan Sudan TUFH829 
The effectiveness of online learning during the Covid-19 pandemic for the fourth year students of Community and Family Health Care with Interprofessional Education (CFHC-IPE) program Sutono Sutono Indonesia TUFH831
The differences in the learning system towards the learning output of inter-professional education activities for students in the Faculty of Medicine, Public Health and Nursing UGM Dessy Christine Hosianna Indonesia TUFH832 
Community Development in Lio Village: Lesson Learned from a Dynamic and Empowering Five Years Angelina Patricia Chandra Indonesia TUFH833
Training of the UNAM brigade to support the national vaccination campaign against COVID-19 in Mexico City Guadalupe Silvia García de la Torre Mexico TUFH834